Adsense Dashboard is an app for phones running Android 2.1.

The dashboard displays important performance metrics and overview graphs of the contents of your AdSense account, containing information from the AdSense home page and from the default report. Dedicated landscape and portrait mode layouts for high-resolution and tablet devices exist.


AdSense Dashboard uses Android’s built-in support for authenticating to Google services to log into your AdSense account and fetch critical performance metrics; it requires that the device have the account associated with your AdSense account preconfigured.

How To Use

Install and launch; the application will ask you which account to fetch AdSense data for, or kick off the phone’s built in account management features for adding a new Google Account to the device. Once you’ve chosen the account, the dashboard will fetch reporting data.

The UI supports high-end mobile devices and Android 3.0 tablets like the Motorola Xoom; there is no small-screen version of the app (yet), so only users with high-res screens will be able to see and install the app.

Got a problem? The FAQ covers what goes wrong when things go wrong; if you have a problem, and don’t see it addressed in that list, you can always contact me on the support address.

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