Weathrman 3.1: The Freshmaker

Lots of minor tweaks going into this.

For a long time now, doubletapping has been problematic.  I install a double-tap handler the same way anyone else would, but end up seeing events that belong to the foreground application.  Android has a mechanism for wallpapers to see only two possible gestures out of all of the ones an Android can handle: a tap, and a drop.

I’ve constructed a (very) simple double-tap handler out of the tap events sent via onCommand(), instead of installing a gesture detector, in the hopes of getting rid of these ‘false positives’ that result in the information-about-this-image dialog appearing too often.

I’ve also removed, you might be happy to hear, all analytics tracking.  Its primary use was to send back stack traces and errors back, so that I could track down client problems.  New features in the Android Marketplace for publishers means I should be getting stack traces directly in the publishing console… but I don’t, because they’re not being seen, because I’m sending those stack traces (in a much less efficient form) to Analytics.

So, analytics is gone, which will result in a better experience for all.

I’ll be pushing this onto the market shortly.