Another weekend, another update...

This weekend, I’m doing something I’ve been working on for a few weeks now, and am working on tidying up and preparing for release.

I’m a recent LOVEFiLM user - fell in love with the service fairly quickly, when Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom showed up at my door.  There are films that I haven’t seen but wanted to, but won’t go through the cost of buying on blu-ray.  There are, more importantly, games I’d like to play, but won’t buy because, quite frankly, they’re just not good enough, or probably not the kind of game I’m likely to finish.

But what I’ve found is that my interest is…  fleeting.  I know that I wanted to have seen a film when someone mentions something that triggers that memory - but unless I can do something about it right now, it’s never going to happen.

What you really want is a mobile client, oriented towards search and discovery, for helping you quickly get to (and add to your queue) films you’d like to see.

Working title was liveFiLM, but that’s a violation of their naming policy.  For now, it’s Phantoscope.