Weathrman Search Quality: A Progress Report

I’m in the process of doing some server-side results joining, to reduce the complexity of our queries.  The upside of this is that I should be able to, over time, bring us back up to our previous quality of searches.  In fact, we’ll actually be slightly better off - performing a series of decomposed searches will ultimately result in more search results to process, as we’re doing more queries and getting more results.

This mean the load on the flickr API - and the load on my server - are going up.

I’m still in the awful position of not being able to charge for this, having made it free once - so I still want this to fall within freebie quota if at all humanly possible.

Last, I’ve got a shiny new Xoom, and I’ll be spending some time on the client shortly getting some basic changes into the UI to make it slightly prettier when used there.  I’ve already made some server-side tweaks to broaden the minimum image size so that Xoom resolutions get more Flickr results.  The biggest problem at the moment is that there just aren’t many large image sizes fetchable via the API, and the images that do come back are far below the 1920x1408 background image size that a xoom wants.

More soon.