Say hello to Google Publisher Toolbar 3.3.2!

We’ve been working through feedback from our users (thanks to everyone who has been leaving feedback, we love you) and have put together a refresh release.

Specifically, we’ll be announcing that this version enables ARC support for AdSense users, something we’ve been looking forward to for some time. If you enable Ad Review Center in AdSense, you’ll be able to block individual ad creatives - finer grained than URL blocking, and not limited in terms of the number you’re allowed to block.

Now you can pick and choose which ads you don’t want to see again without having to bar a whole domain. Domain blocking is still there in the dropdown.

The ARC team is really excited about this feature - we’ve been looking forward to providing this functionality to users from within their sites for a long time, and we’re excited to see it happening in this release.

Last, we’ve taken some of your feedback to heart about overlays and ad notification bars being too intrusive, and we’re working on redesigning and restyling them to be more lightweight and less in-your-face, while maintaining the existing functionality.

We’re launching the new overlay in this release; we think it’s a night-and-day improvement and hope you agree.

As always, please send us feedback.

Ad overlay, normal Ad overlay, hover, when an inspector is available Ad overlay for a DART tag