Incremental updates: Weathrman 2.3

Three more releases since I last posted; each picked up on small feature requests and things on my TODO list.

First, foremost, and most recent is the change to Flickr’s weather API.  Google’s is free-text, and there’s no clear listing of what, exactly, it returns.  Yahoo has a nice, clean API and a simple enumeration of possible conditions, making my life much, much easier when it comes matching conditions to an appropriate set of search terms.

Changes to the “about this image” view when you double-tap the screen now shows the weather conditions at the moment the image was gathered, which should help me diagnose when people see volcanos.  Also, the weather condition associated with a volcano is now “Imminent volcanic death”.  I look forward to seeing that bug report.

Last, there have been some changes to the way preview works.  People expect an instantaneous preview, but as of right now, the process of fetching an image is anything but instant; also, we use lots of data, and Flickr’s APIs are blocked by some carriers.  I’ve replaced preview with a carefully rendered view explaining these and other issues to users.

I’ve got some very positive feedback as of late, but as always, more is better.  I look forward to hearing from you.