Weathrman 2.5: In the mix

So I’ve made a few more small tweaks since the 2.x series started, the biggest of which is in who provides our weather data.

Yahoo’s feed is damn good; it has flaws, but it also has huge benefits to us - the most important of which is that Yahoo’s weather API provides current conditions and the sunrise/sunset times in your location.  This means that as of 2.4, we started preferring photographs of sunrises and sunsets whenever the weather was clear or cloudy.

As of 2.5, we’re again increasing the number of queries we perform on a search, and that’s going to increase the amount of time we spend updating; but the upside is that we’ve got more images to choose from, and as of now, we’re going to stop preferring what Flickr thinks is interesting, and start randomly selecting from the set of selections we have at the nearest location to you we can get them.

For a while, I was seeing the same photos, day after day - now, I don’t think I’ve seen the same thing twice.  At the moment, I have a particularly beautiful view of Leicester Square, taken by maistora.

I look forward to hearing your opinions on the new version.