Open Issues

I’ve seen some strangeness lately, brought on by the fact that we’re no longer making direct use of Flickr’s interestingness to choose which photo to show.

These essentially all boil down to the same issue - search quality.  I need to do more filtering of results to try to wipe out irrelevant or unwanted photos.

My current thoughts go like this:

  • Add “underwear” to the negative keywords list.  I don’t really want to see people in their undies on my phone.
  • Add “indoors” to the negative keywords list.
  • Remove images that weren’t given proper titles by the person who uploaded them.  If you didn’t care enough to name your photo, I don’t care enough to see it.  This includes all-numeric titles, and titles which contain only IMG_XXXX.

There’ll be an update this weekend if all goes well.