Weathrman 1.5 hits the Android Market... now

This update is fairly experimental.  One small change - ensuring that we don’t try and fetch data when we haven’t got a connection established - should hopefully improve performance under edge-of-network behaviour.

The other is tougher.  I’m making some changes to the queries we perform against Flickr’s API in the hopes of improving the quality of results, especially under clear conditions.  Some of these are as follows:

  • For queries performed at night, AND() in a set of words that are likely to be associated with night photography.
  • Add a list of “banned” terms, including “naked” and “nude”.  I don’t mind looking at them on the web, but I don’t want someone’s naked butt hanging out of my phone.  Your mileage may vary.
  • Separate daytime descriptions of “clear” from nighttime ones; include in those things you only see during the day/night cycle.  (Nights, for example, might include stars, constellations, or the moon.)

These and other tweaks will hopefully improve the quality of search results returned, and they should feel more relevant; the negative side of this is that it might be much harder to find a well tagged local photo.

If you have good ideas, as always, I’m listening.