Coming soon...

So, ahead of me lay another weekend, which means I get to write some more code in between bouts of playing Dragon Age and trying to figure out which of the raft of 3D TVs I’m going to buy…

On the cards is:

  • Lots of tests.
    Right now, I’m testing non-android code fairly well, but I’m not currently thrilled with the state of testing of android-level functionality.  To keep things clean, I’ll be isolating android behaviour into provider methods that return the answer I wanted - injecting, for example an @Named(SHOULD_UPDATE) boolean shouldUpdate, for example, which checks preferences and network availability before returning a simple, injected boolean, isolates the android weirdness from the perfectly normal code beneath.
  • History.
    Right now, you only see a new image if Flickr decides there’s something more interesting than what you saw yesterday at the same time in the same place.  Most of us spend a lot of time in the same places, day in, day out - but we always want to see new things.  I’m going to keep a history of stuff I’ve seen recently, and exclude that.  This means that double-tap won’t reload the current image, it’ll choose a new one.

At that point, I think I’ll be ready to re-look at the frontend/backend separation; it may well be time to start looking at a content provider implementation to wrap up the fetching behaviour and history implementation in a nice, neat package.